Principle-driven with a focus on excellence, RKA Petroleum provides quality products, superior customer service, and maintains the highest standards in the petroleum industry.

Commercial truck and fuelingAlthough RKA Petroleum serves both business and government agencies in over 29 states, we make our home in Michigan. Our talented local specialists are on hand to provide our customers in Southeastern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio with high-quality fueling solutions.

RKA Petroleum’s local success is predicated upon our ability to deliver quality fueling products to a variety of customers, including contractors, trucking fleets, and industrial companies. We’ve developed customized programs that effectively meet the specific needs of each customer by working closely with them on an individual basis. Our customers speak, and we listen

Rex Carriers, RKA Petroleum’s wholly-owned subsidiary, employs over 30 trucks with well-trained drivers who are focused on safely delivering fuel products to the market 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By working in partnership with our customers, RKA Petroleum has developed a wide range of fuel delivery solutions:

  • deliver bulk fuel directly into customer’s tanks
  • provide on-site permanent or temporary fuel tanks
  • fuel individual units, including equipment, tractors and/or reefers

This attention to detail keeps our business relationships strong, and provides our customers with the confidence of knowing that their individual needs are consistently met.

RKA Petroleum leads the industry with our Fuel Management Program, which offers managed fuel solutions to the market. Using innovative technology, RKA Petroleum monitors the fuel inventory of each customer, and automatically schedules fuel deliveries on an as-needed basis. Our FMP is part of the total service solution provided by our RKA Petroleum team. Through this program, customers enjoy worry-free fuel management benefits that allow them to focus on building and maintaining their businesses.

In addition, RKA Petroleum has the experience and ability to offer fixed pricing options that help customers budget their annual fuel costs, and variable daily or monthly pricing options that are based upon published market prices via OPIS, PLATTS, ARGUS and NYMEX.

RKA is also a leader in providing quality renewable fuels to the markets it serves. As specialists in ethanol-blended gasoline and bio-diesel blends, RKA Petroleum assists our customers in adapting to their use by sharing with them the best quality and handling practices in the industry.

Our customers know that they can always expect progressive thinking from RKA Petroleum to move their business forward. Call us now to speak with a fuel-delivery specialist and let’s start designing your fueling solutions today!

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our heritage

  • 1950’s-1970’s

    Hilmer Westphal Leemon started the Leemon Oil Company as a home heating oil delivery service with Pure Oil Company. Soon he expanded the business by adding a gas station and a small oil distribution plant in suburban Detroit.

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  • 1970’s-2000’s

    Roger K Albertie assumes control of the family business. Under his leadership and guidance RKA Petroleum expands into a multifaceted distributor supplying gasoline, diesel, jet and alternative fuels to local national and government agencies in over 29 states.

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  • Today

    RKA continues to grow and prosper under the leadership of third generation family members who are dedicated to meeting the challenges of today’s market while maintaining the RKA principals of quality and service to customers, that have been the mainstay of RKA’s success for over 60 years.

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