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As a leading supplier of a wide network of gas stations for over 60 years, RKA Petroleum offers several programs for companies wishing to develop a trademark for, or to brand their stations. Whether your business is a single store, a small chain enterprise, or a large corporation, RKA Petroleum has the expertise and capability to build, brand and supply your company with whatever is necessary to build your business. Choose from several prominent, respected brands, including Citgo, Marathon and Sunoco.

Specializing in both branded and unbranded images, RKA Petroleum’s Retail specialists are on hand to become your partner in developing a successful station, and in expanding your company into a more profitable enterprise. We offer several fuel supply options to the retail community, ranging from traditional load to load supply, or one of our innovative fuel inventory management programs, which provides guaranteed margins to you.

RKA Petroleum is committed to our customers, and to the community we serve. Our award-winning customer service department is always on-hand to ensure that our customers are happy with our service. RKA Petroleum is a devoted participant in the development of our community.

RKA Petroleum has long been a top-rated leader in the fueling industry by a strong and growing customer base. Call one of our Retail Specialists today and enquire about our various programs to help you be successful in your retail operations.

Our customers know that they can always expect progressive thinking from RKA Petroleum to move their business forward. How can we help you?

our heritage

  • 1950’s-1970’s

    Hilmer Westphal Leemon started the Leemon Oil Company as a home heating oil delivery service with Pure Oil Company. Soon he expanded the business by adding a gas station and a small oil distribution plant in suburban Detroit.

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  • 1970’s-2000’s

    Roger K Albertie assumes control of the family business. Under his leadership and guidance RKA Petroleum expands into a multifaceted distributor supplying gasoline, diesel, jet and alternative fuels to local national and government agencies in over 29 states.

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  • Today

    RKA continues to grow and prosper under the leadership of third generation family members who are dedicated to meeting the challenges of today’s market while maintaining the RKA principals of quality and service to customers, that have been the mainstay of RKA’s success for over 60 years.

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