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Innovating with Fuel Management

In the early 2000’s, RKA launched its Fuel Management Program (FMP) making it the first of its kind in Michigan. Today, RKA has over 500 customers enrolled in the program.

RKA’s tanks monitor andreport out status over thecellular network

RKA’s central processingcenter receives the data

You receive email andtext alerts at low levelsand critical low levels

You are able to access your data anytime online, 24/7/365

Logistics guesswork eliminatedand product replenished only when necessary

Fuel Management Program

Never be without fuel again

RKA’s Fuel Management Program consists of a device that installs on your above-ground storage tank and back office automation to ensure accurate and timely order replenishment. The FMP device is responsible for submitting data regarding your tank inventory back to our corporate headquarters wirelessly over the cellular network. This information is then utilized to determine demand patterns for automatic order replenishment.

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