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Petroleum Driver

Posted in: Blog - May 4th, 2018

Transportation Manager

Petroleum Driver is responsible for safely loading fuel trucks and distributing fuel to customers.

Petroleum Driver should have a minimum of one year experience in the transportation of hazardous fuels, plus knowledge of tractor/trailer operations.


  1. Works with Transportation Specialist to ensure schedules allow for on time deliveries and superior customer service performance by delivering the correct products and quantities.
  2. Is responsible for following the safety programs including HAZMAT certifications. Must attend regular safety meetings.
  3. Maintain a team attitude with the drivers. Must address driver’s problems when they arise in a timely and professional manner with supervisor.
  4. Communicates effectively verbally and in writing to customers, drivers, and other employees.
  5. Maintains all required driver’s logs, invoices and additional paperwork as needed to ensure effective operations of company process and procedures.
  6. Must follow pulling instructions from the most cost efficient terminals.
  7. Understand applicable state and federal laws.
  8. Other duties as assigned by Transportation Manager.



our heritage

  • 1950’s-1970’s

    Hilmer Westphal Leemon started the Leemon Oil Company as a home heating oil delivery service with Pure Oil Company. Soon he expanded the business by adding a gas station and a small oil distribution plant in suburban Detroit.

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  • 1970’s-2000’s

    Roger K Albertie assumes control of the family business. Under his leadership and guidance RKA Petroleum expands into a multifaceted distributor supplying gasoline, diesel, jet and alternative fuels to local national and government agencies in over 29 states.

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  • Today

    RKA continues to grow and prosper under the leadership of third generation family members who are dedicated to meeting the challenges of today’s market while maintaining the RKA principals of quality and service to customers, that have been the mainstay of RKA’s success for over 60 years.

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